Director's Message

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Dr. John Tibbits

Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada

On behalf of Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, it is my pleasure to announce a new partnership with CIIS Educational Services for the delivery of the three-year advanced diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology – Telecommunications Systems.

Our shared commitment to excellence in teaching and learning will provide students with a quality educational experience that will help them prepare for successful careers here in Canada or anywhere in the world.

Students will complete the first year of the Electronics Engineering Technology – Telecommunications Systems program through CIIS, then complete their studies at Conestoga's main campus in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Here, students will find a welcoming and inclusive environment with a broad range of support services to ensure smooth and successful transition and provide ongoing academic and social support.

The Electronics Engineering Technology - Telecommunications program provides students with the skills and knowledge to design, build, test and repair complex electronic equipment and systems. Graduates are eligible for many roles in industry as a result of their in-depth understanding of electronics, particularly in such areas as digital signal rocessing and circuits operating at microwave frequencies.

For more information, visit the Conestoga website at

The partnership between CIIS and Conestoga presents a tremendous opportunity for students to prepare for successful careers and gain international experience as they study at two top quality institutions.

We look forward to a successful partnership that will benefit both institutions as well as our students.