Computing science Diploma(CSD) Leading to Bachelor of Computing Science

Bachelor of Computing Science apply_now

Duration : 4 Year Program)

(1 year in India & 3 year in Canada or 2 years in India & 2 years in Canada)


This program is a two-year co-operative education program designed to meet global standards with four semesters. Technical management and supervisory procedures will further compliment the student's educational experience. Technical and non-technical courses provide a solid foundation in communications, technical writing, application software, system software, hardware, quality assurance and project management. These courses introduce the wide range of activities associated with computer science environment covering basic computing, programming in JAVA and C#, Website design, Mobile application development, Computer games design and many more…

Admission Requirements
  • Applicant must have 73% or above in Grade 12 English or IELTS - Overall 6.5 Bands with 6.0 in each module.
  • A minimum of 48% in Mathematics or equivalent in Class 10 or Class 12. OR
  • 3 years polytechnic diploma in Computer Science with 48% marks in mathematics in Grade 10 and IELTS - Overall 6.5 Bands with 6.0 in each module.

Course Pathway
Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Computer Programming using Java-1 Computer Programming using Java-2
Business Writing Technical Writing
Discrete Mathematical Structures-1 Discrete Mathematical Structures-2
Introduction to Spreadsheets Visual Programming in C#
Introduction to Databases Game Design and Development-1
Computer Maintenance
Introduction to Digital Media
Introduction to Web Development
Introduction to Linux

Year 2 (Optional)
Semester 3 Semester 4
Data Structure using Java Database Systems
Introduction to Computer Systems Game Design and Development-2
Website Design and Development Advanced Website Design and Programming
Mobile App Development Software Engineering
Introduction to Business Computer Networks

Career Opportunities

Computer Graduates will have the career doors open to various occupations in the field of computer science, manufacturing, service and Information Technology. They may become part of a team in software building and consultant in the IT world. Careers are possible in Design, Application Building, Quality Assurance, Testing, Management, Technical Sales and Services, Computer Parts and Assembly, Computer Application Building, Software Sales, Technical support & Technical writing industries are among graduate employers.

Program Map

CIIS Year 1
  • Academic Semester 1 and 2 at CIIS during Fall and Winter
  • Score 60% to pass each course

CIIS Year 2 (Optional)
  • Academic Semester 3 and 4 at CIIS during Fall and Winter
  • Score 60% to pass each course

Transfer to TRU, Canada after 1 year and/or 2 years

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